Transcendental Glow Wraparound Mug


Transcendental Glow Wraparound Mug – 11 oz. Dishwasher and Microwave safe mug with colored inside and colored handle.  The colors of blue and yellow in Nature with bare tree limbs glistening in the evening twilight. The visual was a breathtaking view of the  sunlight  kissing the bare tree branches and the branches shining bright with joy! That moment was something out of the world and hence the inspire quote of “Transcendental Glow” This image is part of the Meditative Walk Series which as a nature and outdoor person, it is a great sign of comfort to see a big Peace Sign indicated in the middle of the picture. Enjoy this lovely moment of nature on a daily basis and keep getting inspired from Nature.

This mug makes a great accompaniment to a matching set of four Transcendental Glow Coasters.



Transcendental Glow Wraparound Mug  is an 11 oz. dishwasher and microwave safe mug with colored inside and colored handle making it a beautiful two tone mug.

An evening sunset glowing on the bare branches evoking a subliminal emotion. As an observer I appreciated the beautiful limbs that support the flowers and leaves and also weather the winter cold and wind, yet stand tall and graceful. The blue and golden hues have soothing effect on the one observing this peaceful glowing scenery. A great mug to enjoy a nature break while sipping a drink of your choice. The tree images is printed on three fourth of the mug allowing you to see the beauty of nature from all angles.


Transcendental Glow Wraparound Mug


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