Skyscrapers Coasters (Set of 4)


Skyscrapers Coasters highlights the reflections of trees. Set of 4 coasters with high gloss printing and cork backing which can be easily wiped clean. An evening walk on the lake brought the artist to this mesmerizing image of bare winter trees against the background of a beautiful sunset sky. The image has been made prettier with the beautiful waves and color of the evening sky. The reflection image has been turned upside down to imitate the look of the skyscrapers dotting a city skyline.Each coaster measures 3.75’x3.75″.



Skyscrapers Coasters showing the reflection of trees in the lake. The reflections of the trees reminded the artist of the tall skyscrapers that dot the city skyline. The image has been reversed to represent actual skyscrapers, and a realization that trees are truly the skyscrapers of mother Nature! Trees indeed are the skyscrapers of Earth and this observation was made while watching this mesmerizing beauty in Nature. A glimpse that sure is going to capture everyone’s attention and become a great conversation starter.

Set includes 4 pcs of  3.75″X3.75″ ” high quality images with high gloss durable printing which can be easily wiped clean and come with  cork backing for ease of use.

Skyscrapers Coasters
Skyscrapers Coasters


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