Evening Glow Notepad


Size 4” x 5.5” with 50 sheets per pad. Colorful Stationery for everyday shopping lists, business and more!  Comes with adhesive binding and its compact size, easy to be carried around at work, and helps you make a statement! A beautiful evening sunset rays  on winter evening captured on the tall strong limbs of a tree that glisten in the twilight. The Evening Glow text is mentioned on the bottom and it goes well with matching Evening Glow Sticky notes and make a complete set by adding Transcendental Glow Wraparound Mug as well.


Evening Glow Notepad will surround you with Nature and its beauty, wether you are penning down important thought while reading or making important notes for your friends and colleagues. The photo was taken on a wintry evening, and an early sunset left an image of beauty for the artist to ponder upon, over the long dark night. 5o pages in each notepad that measures 4.5″ x 5″ and comes with adhesive binding. The stationery will be a shining statement at your work as well as home! To make a nice gift , match with it with Evening Glow Sticky notes or Transcendental Glow Wraparound Mug.

Evening Glow Sticky Notes
Evening Glow Sticky Notes

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Dimensions 5.5 x 4.5 in


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